"The Healthiest Sport in the World"

As seen on TV !!!

WHEC Channel 10 News Article.

SquashRocs - Home

Welcome to SquashRocs, the home for junior squash in Rochester, NY.

Squash is said to be the 'healthiest' sport - that's a bold claim you may think. See:

And some basic squash stats:

600+ calories per hour
60%+ 'active' in-play time
170mph highest ball speed
0.62 seconds per shot
20+ shots per ralley

Squash is a great sport to get into, as it is a mixed club open to middle school grades (being none contact), inexpensive and easy to start, physically and mentally demanding (it will improve you in all areas) and will expose you to the top colleges (Harvard, Princeton, Yale) !!!

Squash is also a great leveler. It suits any physical body shape/size (you can be tall or short, strong or fast) and everyone is new to squash (at least here in Rochester).

Junior squash is growing in Rochester with players coming from various middle and high schools, such as McQuaid, Mercy and the Brighton/Pittsford areas too.

We also have city/urban based squads starting this year, please see the Urban page for more on that.

This will allow us to make junior squash squads/teams from our growing number of junior players and have them play in a Rochester Junior Squash Team league. We also have several day trips scheduled to Buffalo for some 'friendly' games.

So this is the year to get your kids involved in squash - never before have they had the chance to be part of a team based squad and play in a local league.

Example Videos

As you can see from the videos below, squash is a very fast game involving a lot of dynamic movement and strategy, as well as respect for your opponent (we have to avoid hitting each other in this small space).